Dec 142009

newsE-pubs are in the news again. Agent Nat Sobel challenges publishers to hold back e-reprints for six months. He compares e-books to DVDs and hardcover books to newly released movies. He feels that “the future of hardcover publishing is at stake.”

Random House is claiming e-rights on backlist books. I hope no one reading this will have to fight for their rights.

Agent Holly Root talks to Romance University about negotiating publishing contracts.

Agent Jessica Faust at Bookends talks about negotiating your advance.

If you’re looking for a publisher instead of an agent and you weren’t at the Spotlight on Kensington at National in July, you can read an excellent summary at Cindi Myers Market News Blog.

Hurrah for the Chicago Tribune! They posted their favorite fiction list of 2009, and 9 out of the 15 authors are women. Love to see numbers like that.

In Jennifer Crusie’s 10 Tips for writers, tip Number One is Get a support group. The RWA-WF group agrees.

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