Jun 032010

In this Galleycat video, David Baldacci talks about getting rejections for 15 years before he sold.

If you’d like to know what went on during BEA, check out Janet Reid’s posts from last week. You’ll be entertained as well as informed.

Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers, talks about 5 Ways a company can benefit from twitter. I’m sure this advice goes for writers, too.

Once again e-publishing is in the news. First up, Taiwan’s Green Book unveils lightest e-book reader. It’s only .4 pounds. The ipad is about 1.5 pounds.

From Publishers Marketplace Lunch on May 26:

Penguin Peace with Amazon; iBooks Allows Publisher Submission
Penguin executives David Shanks and Susan Petersen Kennedy report that the company has reached an agreement with Amazon.com, almost two months after the launch of the agency model and introduction of Apple’s iBookstore. Ebooks for the company’s titles released since April 1, which Amazon has declined to sell up until now, are in the process of being restored to Amazon’s site, though it will likely be a matter of days before all of those titles are available. Presumably all of Penguin’s ebooks sold by Amazon will also be repriced to reflect agency pricing.

Kindle will expand to all Target stores as of June 6th. They’ll be selling for $259. Kobo is selling for $149.99. It’s should be available at Borders and Walmart stores in time for Father’s Day. Borders is also selling the Libre e-Reader for only $119.99. It should be in the Borders stores in July, and it’s available for pre-order.

Barnes & Noble Pubit! will be offering Kindle competition.

“The new service—which will become available this summer—allows users to upload a document, convert it to epub, and sell it on the B&N reader system, including on the Nook and iPad.”

They’ll announce the royalty they charge later on this summer, but they say it will be competitive. Their biggest competitor, Amazon, is dropping their royalties to 30%, starting this July, which gives self-published authors 70% of the amount charged.

Apple has gotten into the act too, and has opened iBookstore to self-published writers.

Asus netbooks will come loaded with Kindle.

“Kindle is something our customers have been asking for and by pre-installing Kindle for PC on select long battery life products, we believe we are providing our customers an even richer PC experience,” said Asus’ Ben Thacker.

Sony executive Steve Haber predicts that eBooks will overtake print within 5 years.

“Within five years there will be more digital content sold than physical content. Three years ago, I said within ten years but I realised that was wrong – it’s within five.”

According to this Wall Street Journal article, digital self-publishing is shaking up the traditional book industry.

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