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With so many benefits available, we thought it would be good to list all the opportunities our members enjoy in a new post.

You would have all received this information when you joined, but it never hurts to have a handy reminder or a place where you can check back to make sure of something.

First of all, the list rules. There aren’t many of them, and sticking to them will help keep our loop the focused and friendly place that it is.

Keep it professional.

  • Please refrain from flaming or personal attacks. Give people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to tone.
  • Please respect the confidentiality of our loop and do not forward information from the loop to those outside of RWA-WF.
  • Please trim posts when replying to others on the loop, so it’s easier for everyone to follow the conversation without wading through unnecessary text.
  • Please do not gather emails from the loop to use for personal marketing. This is a part of our bylaws.

Use both of our loops to your best advantage.

  • The main RWA-WF loop will now be used exclusively for conversation about all things women’s fiction, including women’s fiction manuscripts and novels, business developments in women’s fiction, agents representing women’s fiction, announcements and links related to women’s fiction, and question-and-answer threads regarding women’s fiction. Bottom line: If it isn’t women’s fiction then it may not be right for our main loop, but it may work for promo/social.
  • The new RWA-WF Social and Promotions loop will be for daily *off-topic* conversations, for promoting blog posts unrelated to women’s fiction, and for asking for help promoting a new release. When posting on this loop, include BLOG in your title if it’s a blog post, PROMO if you’re asking for help promoting a book or contest (etc…), and SOCIAL if your post is off-topic.
You will be invited to both loops when you join RWA-WF.

Understand that there is a time and place for news and promotions.

  • Please do include the url to your website beneath your name when you post.
  • Please do ask for promotional help on our Social and Promotions loop.
  • Please do post to the main loop if you have news of a sale, a release date, a fresh website, etc… But please take care not treat your fellow list members as sales marks.
  • Please do share your good news with our website staff, who would love to post about it on the well-trafficked RWA-WF website. Guidelines and instructions for this can be found below.
  • Please do not announce chapter contests, workshops or conferences on the loop; this information is instead gathered and posted on the RWA-WF website, in a section called Writers’ Corner. This helps to maintain a loop focused on relevant conversation. (Contest information can be mailed to our VP-C)

Our online community is just one of the rewards of your RWA-WF membership. Below you’ll find some of the other perks available to you:

    • a discounted women’s fiction mini-conference to be put on by the chapter in conjunction with National’s main conference. Though we’ve only hosted one such conference so far–to tremendous success, with Michael Hauge as our featured presenter–it is our hope that the mini-conference will become an annual event.
  • the  RWA-WF blog, where you’ll find a rotating variety of articles, member interviews, sales news, and more; participation is encouraged
  • our annual event/meeting at National, including meet-and-greet and presentation(s)
  • online workshops to be held on all aspects of the writing life (discounted or free for members)
  • our website, full of industry news, craft articles, and files accessible only to members, to be frequently rotated; includes links to members’ websites, advertising opportunities for our members’ latest women’s fiction releases, and more
  • our RWA-WF Facebook page, where you can share pictures and links, and generally let your hair down
  • scheduled writing sprints, announced on the main RWA-WF Yahoo loop
  • opportunities aplenty to share your talents via our blog, website, and newsletter by contributing articles (Contact VP-C for details.)
  • website button to show your affiliation to the RWA-WF Chapter – click here to find out how to get the button.
  • we also have a beautiful RWA-WF t-shirt which you can purchase on the RWA-WF site to show the world you are a proud member of RWA-WF, as well as an RWA-WF pin for conferences and our annual chapter meetings. The pin is available at Cafe Press.

Since this is a new chapter, several ideas are yet in the development stage, including:

  • a one-of-a-kind contest for unpublished authors of women’s fiction
  • mentoring opportunities
  • an annual member “gift”–a top-shelf workshop that will be presented free of charge to chapter members

Next, let’s look at the various ways you can use the website, and how you can get the most out of it.

The Queries That Worked Page

Some of our published members, or members who are represented by agents, have made the query letters that landed them their agents or editors available on the website to fellow RWA-WF members looking for examples of strong women’s fiction query letters. In many cases, the author has included commentary from their agent, and notes of their own. The general page with the list of queries can be found here, but all links require an RWA-WF login (explained below) to be viewed. Published members who would like to offer their query letters for the list can contact the RWA-WF Chapter President for more details.

Members Page on the Website

As a member of RWA-WF, your name will appear on the Members Page of the website. If you want your name as a click-through to your website or blog, please contact the VP-Communications with your preferred name for the list and your URL.

Members’ Book Covers on the Website

As per the new RWA National rules, we can no longer have members’ covers on the home page, and we are obliged to charge a fee (which goes into the coffers for the benefit of all members) for having any members covers on the site. However, we are proud of our members’ accomplishments in the Women’s Fiction genre, and want the world to see the amazing WF books they are writing. The compromise is the Members’ Monthly Releases page on the website. It does not feed into the home page, but is clearly marked from the home page. We are able to have 8 Women’s Fiction covers up each month, at a cost of $10 a cover, and the covers on the MMR page will also go into the newsletter.

To book a cover place on the MMR page, you need to go here, read the criteria for placement and book a place in the comments section. When you request a slot, the volunteer for that part of the site will contact you for the information she needs to load your cover and link it to your website (we can’t link to online bookstores, as per RWA National rules). You will also get the payment details and so forth.

Members’ Announcements on the Website

We would like to give members the opportunity to let the rest of the chapter (and the world!) know about their contest wins and finals, their sales and contract news and any giveaways and contests they are running. To that end, we have created a Members’ Announcements category on the website.

To add an announcement, go here, read the post and then add your announcement in the comments section. The volunteer responsible for this part of the site will make sure your announcement is included the following Monday. The contract, sales and writing contest wins news will also go into our newsletter, so please remember to add your news so we can all share in your success. The news will be posted every Monday on the website and all news must be added by the Friday before.

Accessing the RWA-WF Newsletter and other members’ only information on the website

If you want to read the historical newsletter articles, you can go back and see the old issues under RWA-WF Newsletter on the website. Your login is your name (including spaces and capital letters), and your email address is your password. This goes for accessing the past Board Meeting Minutes, the audio files of our first chapter meeting at Orlando Florida and Donald Maass’ speech at that meeting. Please contact the VP-Communications if you have trouble accessing any protected information on the site.

We invite you to make suggestions to your RWA-WF Board of Directors if you have any thoughts on how we can help you in your career as a women’s fiction author. On behalf of the Board of Directors and the RWA-RW membership, welcome!


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