Sep 102011

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I’m sending out this post a day early. Tomorrow,  our focus won’t be on the publishing industry but on  the people, pets, and things that comfort and uplift us.  Write all you want tomorrow, and save the angst over agents and editors,  book sales, marketing, and what have you until Monday.

 GalleyCat, quoting figures supplied by the Association of American Publishers, reports that adult paperback sales dropped nearly 64 percent in June of this year compared to June, 2010.  Read more at For the same period, the AAP found ebook sales climbed 167 percent, an increase that sounds phenomenal but apparently didn’t make up for the dip in paperback sales. See the results at

Does easy access to the digitized written word threaten writers’ livelihood? Do strict copyright laws hinder the dissemination of information? In Canada, where an effort to update copyright law is expected this fall, controversy dogs publishers’ desire to lock digital content and educators’ push to allow copying for students’ use. Author Cory Doctorow, who opposes tighter copyright laws, weighs in. Read the article at  This debate isn’t strictly made-in-Canada. Earlier this year, for example, publisher Harper Collins decreed its ebooks could be lent out only 26 times before they expire, and U.S. librarians vowed to boycott the publishers’ list.  (Thanks to Kim Samsin for the heads up and the link to the Globe and Mail article.)

Cory Doctorow, who likes to stay busy, warns self-published authors that marketing their books will take time and money at

Book marketing is easier if one knows a maven, a connector, and a salesman. Kristen Lamb, author of We Are Not Alone—The Writer’s Guide to Social Media explains why at

Agent Jason Ashlock comes out against the agent-as-publisher trend. Read his opinion at

Agents-as-publishers, small publishers, and indie-pubbed or self-pubbed authors don’t have the luxury of IT and marketing departments as large as those at the Big Six and have to hurry up and educate themselves on the best ways to produce, distribute, and market digital books says Mike Shatzkin at The Shatzkin Files’

At her Market News blog, Cindi Myers continues her report from the RWA National Conference in NYC with an overview of the Spotlight on Sourcebooks.

As if there weren’t enough competition out there, Kim Wright at The Millions finds that literary writers are turning out genre fiction. Why? It sells better, and genre writers now get some respect. Read all about it at

Before you write your next synopsis or query, check out Chuck Wendig’s irreverent but relevant tips at


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  1. Great post, Patricia. I have read many of these articles and the latest-breaking-news on how or when or waht to pub is mind bending. Just finished Kristen Lamb’s second book Hello Blog, Its Me, Writer. A great read. Thanks again for the hard work :)

    • I am so happy you enjoyed the book and THANK YOU! Working on book three right now and much of the stuff I am not sharing on the blog, so it will all be new and shiny.

      Thanks for the shout-out. I feel honored to make your list and I am always thrilled to help writers any way I can :D.

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