May 062012

Industry NewsThis week’s Industry News opens with a focus on publishing and finishes with writing-related links.  Read everything or pick and choose.


Social-media expert Kristen Lamb takes aim at traditional publishing with a blog post entitled Big Six Publishing Is Dead, Welcome the Massive Three.

 Not everyone is taking up arms against legacy publishing. Remember the deals self-pubbed phenom Amanda Hocking signed with St. Martin’s Press? Earlier this week, Hocking took stock of how she’s done with SMP, and her answer is: no regrets. 

Digital-book expert Mike Shatzkin’s take on the current state of publishing considers the weaknesses and strengths of  both traditional publishing and the alternative offered by Amazon.

At TeleRead, Chris Meadows suggests traditional publishers copy what Amazon does right.

A sign of adaptation to survive: Macmillan’s Tor/Forge will remove DRM from its ebooks.

If non-writing friends ask you to summarize the DoJ lawsuit against Apple and big publishing, this article from Publishing Trendsetter serves as a handy crib sheet.

A publisher may be justified in charging $12.99 for an e-book, but if a consumer sees the perceived value as lower, he’s not going to hit the buy button, says Mathew Ingram at Gigaom.

Literary agent Rachelle Gardner isn’t afraid of the future of publishing or of agents’ changing roles. “We’re not the equivalent of buggy-whip makers in the era of the automobile. Maybe we’re more like the road maintenance crew—we facilitated transportation via horse and buggy, and now we’re going to facilitate transportation by automobile, so we just have to figure out how to make the roads better.”


Laura Miller at Salon checks out James Hall’s new book, HIT LIT: CRACKING THE CODE OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY’S BIGGEST BESTSELLERS and concludes the secret lies in combining familiar elements in less familiar ways.

Literary agent Kristin Nelson offers plot-catalyst help via a vlog.

Thinking of  hiring a professional editor? Read what Victoria Strauss at Writer Beware has to say about the vetting process.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Chuck Wendig offers a list of twenty-five realizations writers must achieve.

YA author Jackie Morse Kessler offers a behind-the-scenes look at a successful blog tour via editor Alan Rinzler’s blog.

To every thing there is a season. At Writer Unboxed, Jane Friedman offers advice on when to focus on platform-building.

Queriers say the funniest things, and The Intern is adept at reading between the lines.

Agent Rachelle Gardner reminds writers to savor each accomplishment, great or small. 

 Merci bien to Kecia Adams who took over this column so I could toddle off to France, guilt-free. Since Kecia’s a fellow Francophile, I stored up enough memories and impressions for both of us. What am I saying? I stored up enough for the whole chapter.

May you accomplish much this coming week and savor every achievement.

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