May 132012

For the first time in a long time, Industry News features as many writing links as publishing-industry links.  This content equality won’t last, so let’s enjoy it while we can. Pick and choose the posts that interest you, or read everything.


If you’ve hit a snag in your writing, there are scores of how-to books and blog posts that could help, but The Intern offers a solution that’s radical in the Internet Age: Go for a long walk and think.

How does a writer keep up the page count when life throws a spanner? Nathan Bransford’s advice supports and encourages.

When fear engulfs you, fight back, says writer/publisher Bob Mayer on The Author Chronicles blog. “Remember fear is an emotion. Action can occur even when your emotions are fighting it. Taking action is the key to conquering fear.  Attacking the ambush.” More intriguing is his following suggestion: “Do the opposite of your Myers-Briggs character.”

Fear prompted a writer to bail out of a conference appointment with agent Michelle Wolfson. Wolfson suggests the f-word undermines many writers, including those who proved most critical of the bailee. 

At Writer Unboxed, RWA-WF’s own Keith Cronin tackles fear head on. “Fear of what? You name it. Fear of failure, of getting it wrong, of not being good enough, of not having a viable story to tell.” His advice? Dare to suck. 

Mylene Dressler, at Boxing the Octopus, helps a new writer stay motivated in the absence of a deadline

Books & Such agent Mary Keeley offers advice on handling a phone call from a  prospective agent and reveals what that agent hopes to learn.

Last week, Industry News linked to a Jane Friedman post about when to focus on platform-building. This week, Friedman gives us a nuanced approach to the same topic.


A good cover sells a book. Cover-art master Chip Kidd presents book-design tips

On Joe Konrath’s blog, romantic-suspense author Ann Voss Peterson explains why she no longer can afford to write for Harlequin

At Writing on the Ether, Porter Anderson discusses watermarking or “social DRM”  with Kevin Franco of Canada’s Enthrill Books. Read Anderson’s entire WotE post, and don’t miss the link to agent Rachelle Gardner’s “Quality Books Take Time” post .

By now, you’ve formed an opinion of the Department of Justice lawsuit against Apple and five of the big six publishers (three of whom have chosen to settle). Nevertheless, check out literary agent Simon Lipskar’s letter to the DoJ.

Cuts in schools’ book budgets are pushing Houghton-Mifflin-Harcourt into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Last week’s Industry News included a link to Kristen Lamb’s prediction that Big Six publishing was dead. Now she’s back with a plan to revive the dead and rejuvenate bookstores.

Self-pubbed authors must package, market, and distribute their books the way a great publisher would, says Mark Coker, founder and CEO of Smashbooks. What’s more, the book itself must be the best it can be. “Many writers, intoxicated by the freedom to self-publish, will often release their book before it’s ready to be released.”

Simon & Schuster has re-introduced its Pocket Star mass market line in e-book only form. The “new” Pocket Star features debut authors as well as best-selling writers.

Happy Mother’s Day! May you be fearless this week.

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  1. Thanks for the mention of the Author Chronicles! Bob Mayer’s post was great, and we are pleased we were able to host him.

    You’ve got a good list of links here!

    Kerry Gans
    The Author Chronicles blog

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