Aug 192012

No writer has ever moaned about how quickly publishing moves. Scholastic editor Cheryl Klein explains why the process takes such_a_long_time. (Warning: After you read Klein’s post, you’ll wish you wrote YA and could snag her as your editor.)

Speaking of slow, the hunt for an agent may take years. In a buzzed-about article in The Millions, Michael Bourne looks at how literary agents work and suggests writers must “know someone” to keep their manuscripts out of the slush.   

New agent Carly Watters of P. S. Literary Agency is looking for “upmarket, characters over 30 years of age, issue-driven” women’s fiction reports Chuck Sambuchino of Writer’s Digest in his New Literary Agent Alert feature.

The New York Times‘ Alan Finder offers an overview of the rewards and pitfalls of self-publishing.

Michael Chabon’s September release, Telegraph Avenue, will come out in enhanced e-book form, as well as in hardcover, audio, and e-book form. According to the Wall Street Journal, the  enhanced e-book format will include an interactive map of Oakland, where the book is set; videos of Chabon; original illustrations by artist Stainboy Reinel; Chabon’s playlist for the book; clips of the audio book narrated by actor Clarke Peters; a theme song composed by Peter Lerman, and lots more.

Agent Rachelle Gardner gives  tips on promoting books. Social-media expert Kristen Lamb warns writers to shun spammy book promotion.

A writer’s voice is essential to building relationships with readers, says Dan Blank, another social-media expert. He demonstrates what he means via the voice of vlogger Charlie McDonnell.

Beware of sharks, publishers who don’t trust anyone over forty to handle social media, bully-boy publishers, and writers who panic due to rumor, misinformation, or unwillingness to do basic research. Porter Anderson’s latest Writing on the Ether is out.  

What’s new with the DoJ case? Dear Author‘s Jane Litte, a lawyer, offers an update.  Related stories by paidContent‘s Laura Hazard Owen are here and here  and here.

Next Sunday, August 26, Industry News will focus on information from RWA’s 2012 conference in Anaheim, with content coming from the RWA-WF members who attended the event. In short, I need you. Send me tidbits on craft and marketing, intel about what editors and agents are looking for, and news of debut lines and imprints. I’d like solid information but will run “Heard at the Bar” snippets. Again, the upcoming column will depend on information from members who attended the conference. I don’t expect anyone to provide three days’ worth of news. Instead, send along the one piece of information or advice that triggered a light bulb moment or change of plan for you. My email address is pat odea 153 (no spaces) at aol dot com. Because Kecia Adams, our chapter’s communication vp, has agreed to read the column before I print it, I’ll need the information from members by midnight Friday, August 24. (Wait! I’ll be asleep at midnight, so feel free to send the info in the wee hours of the morning. I’m not going to cut off anything at 12:01.) Thanks in advance.

While you await next week’s conference column, turn to Sam J. Miller. He posted the writing advice he gleaned from the 2012 Clarion Writer’s Workshop–and clearly paid attention.  

Have a great week.  See you next Sunday.

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  1. Thanks for compiling this, Pat. I don’t tend to read publishing news first-hand (tend to get it second-hand from bloggers, which more often that not leaves me confused), so I really appreciate your original sources. (Porter Anderson is a force unto himself, however, and I never miss him.)

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