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Combing the excitement of our new writing challenge Write-a-Thin with our Member News was a special a thrill this week. Once again, our amazing chapter has defined itself in contest wins and agents garnered. 

Betty Bolte … late news about an agent: 

I signed with Nancy Knight of Sullivan-Maxx Literary Agency in April. She signed me based on my historical romantic fiction I call Morning Glory that is set in 1782 Charleston, SC, at the close of the American Revolution. Cheers! 

Orly Konig-Lopez … how could I resist not reprinting it exactly as sent?

Okay Florence, I’m going to force myself out of the cave and report in for once (cringing – I’m so bad at this) … My novel – IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU – won the Women’s Fiction category of the Novel Rocket Launch Pad contest.

 And, my WIP – THE DAY THE MERRY-GO-ROUND STOPPED – is a finalist in both the 2012 Stiletto Contest (Women’s Fiction category) and the Emerald City Opener Contest (Novel with Romantic Elements category). Thanks. And now back to my cave. :-)

 Kaylin McFarren … Stories that touch the soul. 

Two bits of news to share: Severed Threads won 2nd place in the Ignite the Flame Contest and 2nd place in the Golden Acorn – Excellence in Writing Contest.

Lisa Verge Higgins … Delayed really good news. 

I’m delayed in announcing my really good news, but I suppose better late than never! I just signed a two-book contract with Grand Central for women’s fiction. Here’s the blurb from Publisher’s Lunch: 

”Lisa Verge Higgins’s PUT YOUR BEST FRIEND FORWARD, where one woman’s impulsive, random act of kindness ripples out into the world only to come back to rock her own life – and those of her friends – in ways she never expected, again to Alex Logan at Grand Central, in a two-book deal, for publication in spring 2014, by Kevan Lyon at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency (world).” 


From Susan … This could be member news.

 In the September Booklist, which is a free publication distributed in non-profit outlets like libraries and university bookstores, Barbara Claypole White had a full page ad for her book, and Pam Morsi had a half page ad with her cover. Yea! WF rocks.

A note:  Susan let this be a lesson. Always sign off emails with your full name. I lost your email address and I do not know all the names of our members. Sorry.

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