Oct 072012

The Industry

Peter Turner lists five things traditional publishers flub and five things they do well.  

Jane Friedman also looks at what traditional publishers offer authors and calls for change: information sharing, education, marketing help, and more.  

Standards, rights, and data are issues that will stymie or drive the growth of e-books here and abroad says Mike Shatzkin.

According to Terri Giuliano Long, publishers’ and agents’ bias against self-published novels is fading

It’s just a matter of time before algorithms detect phony book reviews.

Amazon Studios has optioned rights to Ania Ahiborn’s horror novel SEED, a top seller for Amazon Publishing’s 47North imprint. Big-screen adaptations will be tested soon. 

Bill Rosenblatt is neither a librarian nor publisher but an expert on digital media technologies. He sees and explains both sides to the current impasse between librarians and publishers over e-book lending.

The Writing Life

Kristine Kathryn Rusch looks at the many reasons why writers disappear from bookstands.

British literary agent Jonny Geller advises writers to do the following: “Drill your story down to 10 words and then build up.”

Agent Jenny Bent’s advice could be summarized this way: Cut the beginning, don’t rush the ending, and tap into what characters’ feel.

A writer’s dream agent may be the one who calls with an offer, says agent Sarah LaPolla. who believes it’s important to query widely.

For your viewing pleasure, M.J. Rose and Randy Susan Meyers offer the trailer for WHAT TO DO BEFORE YOUR BOOK LAUNCH.

Write, cut, don’t rush this week. See you next Sunday.

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