Oct 142012

Agent Jonny Geller compares a scene in the movie Lawrence of Arabia to the current state of publishing and implores publishers, retailers, agents, authors, even readers to abandon fixed positions and brush up on guerilla tactics.

It’s not too late for traditional publishing to save itself, says Colin Robinson of OR Books, who offers ten life-extending suggestions. His ideas include the following: sell direct to readers, curate carefully, focus on editing and design, print on demand, and publish fast. 

 Think publishers are making a killing on e-books? Think again, says agent Richard Curtis, who is also the founder of E-Reads, an e-book publishing company.

In his latest Writing on the Ether, Porter Anderson chronicles information coming out of the Frankfurt Book Fair and  looks at Amazon Author Ranking, the problem of discoverability, and more.  

What makes a book sell? Great writing plus an original and compelling concept will take a book three-quarters of the way toward yes, says children’s book agent Jill Corcoran, who offers six tips useful to writers of any genre.

Developmental editor Alan Rinzler profiles seven writers who’ve chosen to self-publish for seven different reasons.

Speaking of seven, at Writer Unboxed, Robin LaFevers describes the seven stages of publishing grief.

Agent Jenny Bent’s answers to a graduate student’s questions are of interest to writers, too.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch is back with a follow-up to her post about why writers disappear from bookstands.

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That’s it for this week’s edition of Industry News. Have a productive week of writing.

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