Nov 042012

Next time someone complains that publishing moves slowly, point to the speed of the Penguin Random House merger.

Dear Author‘s Jane Litte, a lawyer by training, provides a bullet-point list of the merger’s highlights.  (Scroll down to find the merger item.)

In London, agent Jonny Geller adopts a wait-and-see attitude. Will the merged entity deliver on its promises–or will the book business move past publishers?

Agents and publishers Jason Ashlock and Adam Chromy look at what the merger could mean for those in publishing as well as for readers.

History is the best predictor of the merger’s results, says agent and publisher Richard Curtis.

Worry about cuts in author advances isn’t what keeps agent Kristin Nelson awake at night.

Agent Janet Kobobel Grant says there are advantages to having an agent collect advances and royalty payments for the author.

Anti-trust experts say publishing doesn’t deserve special treatment. The other side contends books are cultural markers and not subject to the market’s whims. Jeff John Roberts of paidContent presents both sides of the debate that took place at In Re Books, a recent conference on law and the future of books. Digital-book expert Mike Shatzkin, who was at the conference, believes lawyers on the anti-trust side got things “startlingly wrong.”

Porter Anderson’s Writing on the Ether takes on a host of publishing topics, including the Books in Browsers conference and the Penguin Random House merger.

Watch and learn from successful “outlier” authors like Bella Andre, Barbara Freethy, and Julie Ortolon, says physicist-turned-writer Randy Ingermanson.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch vows to leave no reader behind–and talks about “true readers.”

Your book’s launch date may help its success, says developmental editor Alan Rinzler, who encourages writers to consider seasons and holidays when marketing books.

Writers should strive to connect with readers, not with other writers, says Mike Duran, a guest poster on agent Rachelle Gardner’s blog.

Want to improve your manuscript–and your writing? Writer and former editor Ruth Harris has tips.

Stuck for the next word, paragraph, chapter? Read how well known writers beat writer’s block.

The RWA-WF loop has hosted heated discussions of gender bias in publishing. In an essay for Slate, writer Jessica Grose points out that genres dominated by male writers, such as thrillers and science fiction are taken more seriously than those dominated by women, such as romance.  (Thanks to Laura Drake for the link.)

If this week’s Industry News provided worthwhile links, they’re the happy byproducts of this edition’s true purpose: to distract me from worry about friends and family in New Jersey. If anyone affected by Hurricane Sandy is reading this, I’m thrilled you have power–or can access it. See you next Sunday.

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