Nov 112012

The Industry

Don’t underestimate publishing says Peter Osnos in The Atlantic. “Publishing has shown itself to be more resilient and even more innovative than outsiders (and even many insiders) predicted.” The proposed Random House Penguin merger will usher in more mergers as industry players opt for strength in scale, a trend Osnos sees as positive.

The Authors Guild finds little that’s positive about the Random House Penguin merger.  AG President Scott Turow, in a letter to members, says the combined entity’s trade-book market share for fiction and narrative non-fiction would represent roughly 35 percent in the United States, a figure that’s higher than RHP’s estimate. Turow calls for antitrust officials to scrutinize the  deal.

The word antitrust brings us to writer Nathan Bransford’s post explaining why publishing doesn’t deserve special protection against low e-book pricing.

Are booksellers getting even with Amazon by refusing to stock books put out by Amazon Publishing, the imprint run by Larry Kirshbaum? It looks that way, according to a New York Times article.

Discoverability (getting readers to find/pick up a book) is a challenge. The CEO of Goodreads discusses ways the site helps publishers promote new books.

In an interview with the Reddit community, Jane Friedman, teacher, editor. and former publisher of Writer’s Digest, answers a range of questions on topics such as e-publishing, writers’ resources, the ways agenting has changed, changes in boilerplate author contracts, and more.

Agent Jim McCarthy agrees with Friedman that agenting has changed and describes a change for the worse he witnessed at a recent conference.

The Big Six have shown reluctance to sell e-books (license e-book usage) to libraries. E-book expert Mike Shatzkin looks into publishers’ wariness and reveals a model he thinks serves the interests of publishers and libraries.

As usual, Porter Anderson’s Writing on the Ether covers publishing-industry news and the views and moods of insiders. Note the announcement about Ether for Authors, a weekly craft-oriented post that will appear every Tuesday on the Publishing Perspectives site.


Social-media expert Kristen Lamb debunks three social-media myths accepted by many writers.

Ouch! Agent Steve Laube lists five reasons why a writer may never get published.

Cindi Myers’ Market News mentions a new small press that focuses on women’s fiction and links to an article that offers tips on writing for Women’s World magazine.

At the Books & Such blog, agent Janet Kobobel Grant discusses novel beginnings. Her advice? Start in the middle–of the manuscript.

For National Novel Writing Month, writer and publisher Bob Mayer is posting a series of craft articles. First up is help outlining a story  followed by advice about point of view and voice.

Want your writing to outlive you? Draw up a will, says Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

It’s Veterans Day. Thanks to those who served/serve our country.

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