Nov 182012


Agent and e-book publisher Richard Curtis rails against a practice he believes is crippling publishing: book returns. His post is an eye-opener because it was written in 1992.  (I found the link at The Passive Guy‘s website)

Last week, Industry News featured a post by agent Jim McCarthy that was critical of agents who conduct themselves as if they possess the keys to the publishing kingdom. This week,Techdirt takes up McCarthy’s cause and comes down against middlemen who hold themselves out as gatekeepers rather than gate openers.

In the latest edition of Writing on the Ether, Porter Anderson looks at the National Book Awards, considers a recent post by Mike Shatzkin, watches Amazon try to avoid paying the taxman in Europe, and more.

The Random House Penguin merger is about gaining skills, not trimming costs says John Makinson, designated chairman of the merged entity.

A New York Times Magazine story says consolidation in the book business mirrors what happened decades earlier in the…wait for it…envelope business.


CJ Lyons reveals three moves that fueled her writing career.  (Thanks to mystery writer Diane Capri for the link.)

Got a big story with a genre element? Agent Kristin Nelson and a couple of editors want a look.

Porter Anderson debuts Ether for Authors. The inaugural post features Joanna Penn’s video interview of Chuck Wendig, info from Jane Friedman, a study of e-book piracy/informal file-sharing in Poland, and more.

Did you take the RWA-WF Twitter class run by Barbara Burnham? Are you new to Twitter? If so, here are two posts of interest. The first is on hashtags and the second is a list of agents to follow.

Writer Nathan Bransford helps authors puzzle out the Facebook page-versus-profile dilemma.

At Writer Beware, author Kfir Luzatto says there are reasons to turn down a publishing contract. Don’t miss the list of resources for vetting publishers and contracts at the end of the piece.

In a related post, agent Sarah LaPolla urges writers to research agents diligently.

Writer and publisher Bob Mayer returns with more NaNoWriMo-themed advice of use to writers any month of the year. This time, he focuses on the kernel idea of a book and provides examples.

At Writer Unboxed, RWA-WF’s Keith Cronin investigates techie tools for writers.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy writing. Industry News will return December 2.


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