Dec 162012

Last week, twenty children were gunned down in their elementary school, and publishing-industry news dropped to the last thing on our minds. While it’s hard to muster interest in comparisons of digital-book and print sales, it’s important to remember why we read and write stories: to make sense of the incomprehensible, share, comfort, and entertain. Stories, publishing’s product, are more relevant and necessary in bad times than good.


Agent and e-publisher Richard Curtis doubts the Random House Penguin merger will be good for most authors or agents.

Porter Anderson’s December 6 Writing on the Ether post takes on agents’ changing roles, Author Solutions, conferences, and more. Anderson’s December 13 post focuses on data: its collection, uses, and what it does and doesn’t accomplish.

On Steven Pressfield’s blog, Shawn Coyne looks at E.L. James’ e-book and print deal with Random House/Vintage and compares it to Hugh Howey’s print-only agreement with Simon & Schuster.

Indie publishing is old enough to have myths, and Kristine Kathryn Rusch debunks them.

Guy Kawasaki’s and Shawn Welch’s how-to book about self-publishing,  APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How to Publish a Book, garners a favorable review from developmental editor Alan Rinzler.


Agent Janet Kobobel Grant breaks down the marketing responsibilities of the publisher and the writer.

Writer Anne R. Allen looks at the challenges and potential rewards of self-publishing and traditional publishing

Every week, writer Gene Lempp unearths blog posts of interest to authors.

Thursdays at The Author Chronicles, Kerry Gans compiles top picks: articles of interest to writers.

Chuck Wendig makes a list and checks it twice. On it, you’ll find gifts for writers.

Industry News will return December 30.

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