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Trending. George Lossius, CEO of Publishing Technology, a software and services provider, offers five trade publishing trends to watch for in 2013.

Goliath, meet David. Starting February 1, Macmillan will distribute new e-books for Entangled Publishing. In addition, Macmillan’s St. Martin’s Press will partner with Entangled to print some of Entangled’s titles.

Need a name and number? The annual contact sheet from Publishing Trends offers updated phone numbers and email addresses for publishers.

Who reads e-books? Random House shows rather than tells, via pie charts and bar graphs.

Number sense. Dean Wesley Smith has advice for indie authors willing to take the long view.  (Thanks to Sheila Seabrook for the link.)

Quantity over quality? Jane Friedman articulates her beef with a segment of the self-pubbed communityhttp://janefriedman.com/2013/01/08/self-publishing-future-of-fiction/ (Read the comments.)

The patient needs ether. Porter Anderson’s Writing on the Ether looks at the Macmillan/Entangled partnership, Jason Ashlock’s interview with Atria editor Amy Tannenbaum, Jane Friedman’s post on self-publishing, and more.


Surprises ahead! Writer Jennie Nash describes the good and bad of self- versus traditional publishing.

Eliminate the negative. Agent Rachelle Gardner advises writers to distance themselves from the chronic complainers among their peers.

Help with false (word) friends and tricky phrases. Benjamin Dreyer,  the VP Executive Managing Editor & Copy Chief of Random House Publishing Group, lists common stumbling blocks for authors. (I bookmarked this one.)

Copy this. In a follow-up article, Dreyer defines what copyeditors do and offers fact-checking and editing advice.

 Thanks for your support of Industry News–and me–these past twenty months. Vive women’s fiction. Its place is everywhere.

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